Richest Actors in the World

Here we have a list of estimated net worths for some of the richest actors of all time. While direct data cannot be gathered we have relied on Wealthy Genius net worth statistics to source the majority of our financial figures.

RankNameNet WorthAgeCountry
1Merv Griffin$1.1 Billion94United states
2Shahrukh Khan$770 Million54India
3Tom Cruise$525 Million57United states
4George Clooney$500 Million58United states
5Amitabh Bachchan$430 Million77India
6Mel Gibson$500 Million64Australia
7Adam Sandler$450 Million53United states
8Jack Nicholson$400 Million82United states
9Sylvester Stallone$420 Million73United states
10Jackie Chan$400 Million65N/A
11Clint Eastwood$400 Million89United states
12Tom Hanks$375 Million63United states
13Will Smith$360 Million51United states
14Michael Douglas$320 Million75United states
15Arnold Schwarzenegger$310 Million72United states
16Robert Downey Jr.$300 Million54United states
17Patrick Wilson$280 Million46United states
18Scott Speedman$250 Million44Canada
19Leon Thomas III$250 Million26United states
20Leonardo DiCaprio$250 Million45United states
21Brad Pitt$250 Million56United states
22Salman Khan$235 Million54N/A
23Harrison Ford$240 Million77United states
24Mark Wahlberg$235 Million48United states
25Michael Shanks$225 Million49Canada
26Peter Stormare$220 Million66N/A
27Gerard Depardieu$215 Million71France
28Karan Johar$210 Million47India
29Samuel L. Jackson$200 Million71United states
30Vin Diesel$200 Million52United states
31Johnny Depp$200 Million56United states
32Denzel Washington$195 Million65United states
33Jorge Garcia$185 Million46United states
34Bruce Willis$185 Million64United states
35Mike Myers$175 Million56Canada
36Robert Redford$175 Million83United states
37John Travolta$160 Million65N/A
38Anthony Hopkins$165 Million82United kingdom
39Jim Carrey$150 Million58United states
40Morgan Freeman$150 Million82United states
41Sean Penn$155 Million59United states
42Robert De Niro$150 Million76United states
43Al Pacino$145 Million79United states
44John Slattery$150 Million57United states
45Saif Ali Khan$140 Million49India
46Ashton Kutcher$140 Million41N/A
47Sacha Baron Cohen$135 Million48United kingdom
48Chris Hemsworth$130 Million36Australia
49Rowan Atkinson$130 Million65United kingdom
50Charlie Sheen$100 Million54United states