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VibrantData is a data analytics company, enabling next-generation machine learning, data discovery and predictive modeling for some of the world’s smartest organizations.

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A cloud-based analytics platform for data discovery and automation.

Mappr’s proprietary computation algorithms blend the best of machine learning, multivariate statistics and network science, to convert high dimensional data into navigable networks. Mappr’s visual interface enables you to iteratively explore your data and discover non-obvious relationships. Built for integration, the platform allows you to easily connect these insights to your business applications or your data analysis pipeline through an API.

Connectivity Engine

Leverages powerful backend data ingestion for any size or type of data. Machine learning algorithms and network science segment and interpret patterns as well as nuanced anomalies hidden in the data.

A Visual Interface that Promotes Discovery

Crafted based on studies of human learning to maximize comprehension of data, promote exploration and discovery, and foster a sense of play that augments creative thinking. The beauty of it is, it also maintains statistical efficacy with each visualization.

Controlled Exploration

Experience an unprecedented level of flexibility and control in data exploration. Effortlessly change your visualization by connecting different data points that allow you to surface hidden patterns and ask more questions of your data.

Change Monitoring

Monitoring Dashboards provide an interactive view of insights and defined key performance indicators as the data change. Monitoring supports continuous integration and automation for real time updates. Insights when you need them.

Built to Connect

Native publishing capabilities allow for easy interactive sharing. Publish dashboards with annotations or extract insights via API. With no download and no versioning issues, different teams can work in concert – sharing insights and posing new questions in real-time.

Instant Insights through Rapid Iterations

Finding meaningful patterns in large data sets could take weeks of data scientists’ time. Instead of writing scripts and running models, leverage your data science team with 10x faster exploration – saving time, money and effort.



use cases

Discover nuanced patterns in literally any dataset.

VibrantData has been working with some of the leading brands across various industries – Retail, Media, Healthcare, Financial Investments – enabling enterprises to analyze their data and get a 360 degree understanding of their ecosystems. Whether your data represents people, media, products, documents or organizations – VibrantData’s Mappr platform finds the hidden connections and lets you make sound decisions based on statistically efficacy.


Retail – Know what your customers want

How can brand managers leverage data to better target customers? Mappr’s connectivity engine exposes multidimensional affinities in buying patterns and provides key insights to optimize business processes – from personalizing campaigns to ad targeting. Mappr discovers non-obvious relationships in market trends revealing co-branding, product bundling opportunities.

red bull media house

Media – Know what your audience loves

How can media managers see beyond trivial virality metrics to better engage users? How can they identify non-obvious engagement trends? Mappr’s connectivity engine exposes hidden gems within large content pools by leveraging unique content segmentation methods.


Financial Investments – Know the landscape of opportunities

How can investors and fund managers find the most promising opportunities? Mappr’s connectivity engine provides a holistic understanding of multidimensional interests across the landscape of investors to identify non-obvious matches with evolving opportunities.


Healthcare – Know what’s best for your patients

How can doctors and physicians deliver data-driven, personalized healthcare? How can hospitals and clinics optimize resources and efficiently load-balance across their networks? Mappr’s connectivity engine reveals relationships between hospital processes and patient care metrics, reducing bottlenecks and increasing efficiency.

Red Bull’s Hacking Creativity powered by mappr


We are human-friendly futurists, united to develop data literacy.

Art, science, design, futurism – these things connect the VibrantData team. What started off as a collaboration among three TED fellows quickly took the shape of a company reimagining the future of data exploration. Using their unique backgrounds in ecology, data science, human machine interaction and design, they are working with cutting edge enterprises to design data interfaces that amplify human understanding.

Leadership Team

Eric Berlow

Eric Berlow

Director of Science

Ecologist, Network Scientist, TED Fellow

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David Gurman

David Gurman

Director of Design

Data Artist, TED Fellow

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Kaustuv DeBiswas

Kaustuv DeBiswas

Director of Technology

Computer Scientist, TED Fellow

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Rich Williams

Rich Williams

Director of Computational Research

Data Scientist, Computational Ecologist

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San Francisco, CA94108

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